"All important decisions, implementations and developments should be based on up-to-date insights"

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"All important decisions, implementations and developments should be based on up-to-date insights. We believe that the power of knowledge should be accessible to all businesses and organisations, no matter their size. "

Our mission is to utilise the new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and deep learning to make advanced analytics, insights and data accessible to everyone. 


About us  

Graviz Telescope is a product developed by Graviz Labs, a technology company developing advanced analytics for deep learning and artificial intelligence. 


Rodrigo Pozo Graviz and Frédérique Pirenne

Rodrigo Pozo Graviz and Frédérique Pirenne are marketeers who have both spent many years investigating what makes brands successful. Based on experience and research, the team defined underlying parameters, and the ways in which data on those parameters in collected and analysed. Adding data scientists to the team, they developed a mathematical framework with Machine Learning capabilities. 


Graviz Telescope has been developed in conjunction with following advisors


Carl Ringqvist

MSc Mathematics, BSc Mathematical
Statistics, BSc Business Economics

Carl is a PhD Candidate in the department of Mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology, where he also teaches Probability Theory, Financial Risk Analysis and Portfolio Management at a Master’s level. His research is mainly focused on Deep Neural Generative Networks and Image Analysis. Carl has worked at CNet Svenska with developing models for optimising energy systems, and has four years of experience as a Credit Analyst at Nordea Finance.


Gabriel Isheden

MSc Mathematics, 
BSc Engineering Physics

A PhD Candidate at the department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Karolinska Institute, Gabriel’s research uses statistics, image analysis and Machine Learning to analyse breast cancer tumour growth. Gabriel has experience analysing quantitative risk analysis for hedge fund group Brummer & Partners, and developing pricing models for medical products at Quantify Research.


Sebastian Rosengren

MSc matematisk statistik, 
BSc matematisk statistik

Sebastian is as PhD Candidate in the department of Mathematical Statistics at Stockholm University, where he also teaches Probability Theory and Regression Methods. His research is focused on dynamical random graphs and their application in analysing the spread of disease. Sebastian has two years of experience as a Mathematician at Quickspin, where he developed mathematical models for casino games.

Big data often means huge frustration – companies have tons of data for different aspects of their business, but they lack tools to see how these interact. And how they affect the end result.

Graviz Telescope is a neural network (very smart people have been involved) that analyses existing company data to provide a total understanding of strengths and weaknesses of all parameters that build a brand driven business.

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