Don’t take shortcuts, focus on the right targets!

In a study made by Kantar called” Getting media right”, only 52% of marketeers believe that they have a good balance between long- and short-term marketing activities. 40% also report using short term sales targets as a measurement for campaign effectiveness. The reason for the short-term sales focus is that it’s easy to measure. 

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Hanna Wennberg
Data has become companies’ new hard currency – half the Swedish enterprises do not collect data and risk losing business

When it comes to knowing what works for business, and what’s not working, data has become the new hard currency for companies. In a new study made by the AI company Graviz Labs and research company YouGov, where 500 CEOs and IT-managers from Swedish enterprises were approached, the results show clear deficiencies from a business and brand perspective.

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Andreas Dudic
Insights for everyone!

When we started developing Graviz Telescope (AI for analytics and big data) the ambition was to prove that true creative communication could have a large impact on companies and organizations fundamentals, even more then cost savings.

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Rodrigo Pozo Graviz