Are You the Smartest Person in the Room? - Would You Like to Be?

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Darlings! Now when I have chosen to work with a company providing knowledge I had to read up on the subject, “knowledge”. It turned out to be an interesting read. I read articles where some scientists claim that the human brain is not evolving as fast as previously in human history. Some say this is because we now have birth control, abortions and better health care and that this has slowed down the natural selection. So now humankind is not evolving its brain capacity as fast as before.


It is however clear that our technological evolution has been key to success for companies and individuals through time. Companies and people who were quick to adopt new technology have always won the fight over the market and grown their business’.


Those who were early in incorporating computers in their business easily killed those who stuck with manual calculations, farmers who introduced tractors had much better harvests than those who kept using horses. Smartphones killed the market for regular mobile phones and so on. Humans and corporations biggest success factor is arguably the ability to use new technology to gain more knowledge and insights  and use that to make better choices to beat the competition.


Today it is said that artificial intelligence is a bigger revolution than internet was when that took over as a work tool. We can all understand the effect of internet in our lives. At least we who worked before internet existed.


The perception then is that knowledge is a key to success and that is seen so obvious that no one really do any research to prove otherwise. It is instead claimed as absolute truth. What we do spend research money on is how we as humans can adapt to, and use new-found knowledge.  

Here we encounter a problem! Humans are reluctant to adapt to new knowledge even if we know it may help us. New knowledge sometimes requires a change of behaviour and that is something most of us don’t like. Instead, we keep doing things as before. Those who do change and adapt their ways according to new insights evolve and the rest will eventually die out. This is the new natural selection - our ability to gain and adapt to new insights and technology. 


The possibilities to gain knowledge today is -  because of AI - bigger than ever before in history! Access to mobile phones in the world is today as big as access to electricity! Many of these phones are smartphones mining incredible amounts of insights on human behaviour every day. If we add: computers, Ipads, smartwatches, fitbit's, digital refrigerators, Alexa, Google Home, surveillance cameras, car GPS- and data systems we create data oceans that tell us a true and clear story on how we humans behave. Every day we humans create 2,5 quintillion data points building a bigger treasure of knowledge about human behavioural economics than we have ever had access to before.


My career has been one of helping companies increase sales through marketing. First as a communications executive, then as branded content expert in a digital TV environment. I’ve been working with companies to take market shares through influencers, social media solutions, PR angles, big TV campaigns and so on. All my major successes have had one thing in common: insight!  That is why, to me, it was never any doubt in my mind when I had the opportunity to work with AI and Big Data knowledge. Never before have I been so far ahead on the spearpoint of technology.


We at Telescope have built an Artificial Intelligence Model validated on almost 300 brands. It can analyse these quintillions of data points faster than any consultant ever could. If you ask me this will make many Business consultants redundant. With Artificial Intelligence we can gain more information much quicker and to a fraction of the cost for companies. This gives our clients answers to vital questions in their business that previously was invisible to them.


In modern times we are the company offering the new technical advantage to you. We make the tractor for you to use but to a fraction of the cost of a horse. The question is: do you dare to use the tractor or is change so tough that you prefer to continue to plough the heavy soil with your old horse?


Why don’t you take our tractor for a test drive? The first plough run is free.


Have a Great Weekend!

Peter von Satzger



Carl Otto von Rosen