The problem is trust

Last Monday, the votes came in for the 2019 Election to the European Parliament. In Europe in general, the political climate is all over the spectrum. That goes not just for Europe but for the world. Not many people would have put their money on Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America. In 2011 there were much fun being made of Mr. Trump over the fact that he had suggested running for the presidency in 2016. Most of the world did not think Brexit would actually happen. In both occasions the data analysis pointed towards these truths as the future outcome but as humans we trust humans not AI.

The same thing is true for Sunday’s elections. At Graviz Telescope we let the computers do the analysis for the election and every time we hit the truth at an early stage. Every time our data analysis was proven days later by surveys and in the end the election itself. Being a company with a lesser known brand name our story was not picked up. Perhaps news desks thought it was too out there - predicting the Moderates to stand strong in this election, showing KD to grow but not as significant as we seemed to think.

Graviz Telescope predicted the exact outcome of this election the days before the final votes were in. Data, especially in forms of search patterns are more true than surveys. In a survey political correctness and appearance of self comes into play.

Data shows the true side of the story, the search patterns shows the true intent of people. Stripped from ethics and moral - without the natural errors of keeping up an appearance. By presenting our early findings below, we do so to let our clients know that trusting data analysis and AI computing will give you an advantage. No matter how scary or crazy that may seem.

Graviz Telescope trust data, not because it tells us what we want to hear - but because it tells us what we need to know.

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Filippa Kihlman