Graviz Telescope steps up the fight against established insight companies and management consultants


Now Graviz Telescope strengthens the team with a reputable CTO, which also joins the company.

Tech veteran Andreas Harju, co-founder of the digital film service Jaycut, joins the insight company Graviz Labs, with the product Graviz Telescope, as CTO and co-founder. In his new role as CTO, he will focus on further developing the AI-platform to become the market's best automated advisor on market insights, brand development, customer experience and sustainable growth.
Andreas Harju most recently came from Blackberry, where he was responsible for the product development of the Storymaker product after his company Jaycut was bought by the telephone giant in 2011.

- I see great potential in Graviz Telescope's offering, where democratization of information is at the heart of everything that is done. With automation and AI, we can make business advice available to anyone who needs and wants it, regardless of background and budget levels, says Andreas Harju.

At the end of the year, the company announced that the AI diplomat Aurore Belfrage had joined as senior adviser, and now one is strengthening with another top name in the company.

- Andreas Harju's knowledge and experience regarding technology development, and not least company building, are invaluable to us in the phase we are in. Andreas will be an important building block in the team in the future, and our common ambition is to build the world's best advisory platform that is available to everyone. I am convinced that Andreas is the right person to drive that work forward, says CEO Rodrigo Pozo Graviz.

Graviz Telescope's AI Insight and Advice Platform was launched in 2017 by its founders Rodrigo Pozo Graviz and Frederique Pirenne. The two marketing consultants were tired of the industry's reduced budgets and the questioning of the value of marketing and branding, and developed an automated platform with a unique algorithm that diagnoses brands and its customer experience and provides a current analysis and recommendations on where to move forward to create commercial success. The AI-driven platform can today replace the analyst's work to 80%, and give a clear picture of where the potential exists for the brand. Graviz Telescope is developed and provided by Graviz Labs.

For questions, please contact:

Rodrigo Pozo Graviz
+46 70 092 40 31

Andreas Harju
+46 73 600 09 47

Hanna Wennberg