Do you dare to trust your gut feeling?

Graviz Telescope examines when we dare to rely on our gut feeling over data. For Midsummer’s, we test it on something that Swedes hold close to their hearts, the herring. What kind of herring is the Swede's favorite?

This week we tune in to our gut feelings to see if they are as trustworthy as the answers we get through analysis of Big data. One's intuition often gives a quick response to what is right and wrong and it is often used as an inner compass for guidance, but the gut feeling is also unconsciously affected by the surroundings depending on the situation you are in.

Do you dare trust your gut feeling? Sometimes you do the right thing trusting it, but it always comes with a risk. Therefore, we want to contribute with data-driven insights that we know deliver unbiased truths. Next week, we will compare our gut feeling with analysis of Big data, to see how well they match.

WEBB magkänsla midsommar.jpg
Filippa Kihlman