Opportunity to position Sweden

Because of The National day of Sweden today, we have through analysis of Big data, found out what Swedishness means according to the Swedes.

As it looks right now, the people are very divided. To the question of what Swedishness means, some believe that it is culture (23.6%), ethnicity and citizenship (12.5%) and nationalism (5.6%), while others answers values (30.6%) and some respond that Swedishness does not mean anything (18.1%). At the same time, people respond that it is the values (39.7%) that are the most important for Sweden. In second place comes culture (17.8%). These attributes are difficult to define, especially when we see such a divided result.

This means that there is no basic view of what Swedishness is, but that a spectrum has formed. Sweden has such an unclear position that the answer to what Swedishness is, does not exist. If we look at it from an international perspective, most countries associate Sweden with sport (Zlatan) and the culture (IKEA and welfare) but there are many who cannot connect Sweden to anything at all.

The insight is that there is a great opportunity to take the position for anyone who wants to drive the issue of defining Sweden. By formulating something that everyone can sign and agree on, Sweden can take a clear position and get out of the identity crisis.


Graviz Telescopes concept The question of the week is a concept where we find out what Swedes think of  everything from big to small matters. Through Graviz Telescopes AI tools that process big data using algorithms, we get answers to questions that we then compile and publish. Do you have suggestions for questions? Get in touch at hello@graviztelescope.se!

Filippa Kihlman