Why you should choose data analysis over traditional marketing research!


When it comes to a business, the understanding of our customers is of most importance for setting up sales.

We live in a digital world where everything we do online gets mapped. What we buy, where we go, how we communicate, what we search for and so on, all of this it is getting registered and visible in data. 

We used to be reliant on surveys of a small representative group giving us a picture of what they thought. That group, was said to represent our intended audience and we assumed they would act the same way. 

Today, we don’t have to guess. We can see it and in real time! 

The possibility to see the Matrix, to see what people do and how they act has changed the ways of marketing and sales.

A study made by PNAS (Proceeding of the Academy of Science of the USA), shows a high accuracy on the description of the individual from, age, gender, sexual and political orientation, till ethnicity and IQ with high precision. All based on its Facebook interactions.

The study made in 2013, and based on the analysis of 58.000 persons psychometric tests and facebook likes, shows how predictable a person can be with such accuracy of personality characteristics.

This applied to marketing and product recommendations leads us to useful insights and a clear ideas on how to get to know your recipient group better.

All those interactions are creating a great big online map of actual human behaviour. No guessing on what a person do or buy, but actual facts about it, all getting registered in real time.

Furthermore it can also have a great impact with the development of your service or product. 

We can find a clear example of this on instagram, where our feeds are changing constantly depending on our behavior on the past days or hours, generating more accurate content.

While big data can help us predict our customers behavior, it can not provide the human touch of talking with a person and understanding the susceptibility of it responses, or how it is affected by exceptional circumstances. 

Once you have analysed the necessary data about your business and customers, the question now lies on what you can do with all this information, which insights and conclusions can you extract, and most importantly ,how you use it?


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Gaia Graña